Friday, December 30, 2016

The Opposition

Near the big river build an innocent port
Why build a port when people are starving?
The much needed staple maize do import
Why didn’t you just subsidize farm inputs?
Farm inputs subsidized and win support
Nothing it is, but a filthy campaign strategy!

In the west a road is constructed
Why was it not located in the east?
To the east road project is relocated
Why was the contractor a foreigner?
To a local firm job is duly contracted
Only because a bribe changed hands!

State resources are left to dirty plunder
Why no one has been arrested for this?
Arrest ordinary citizens who blunder
Why is there no one big fish arrested?
Cabinet minister arrested amid thunder 
Only an unlucky scapegoat he sure is!

Armed criminals alarmingly take root
Why do you tolerate this insecurity?
Give a chase but fail to catch the brute
Why treat them with kid's groves?
Resort to shoot-to-kill as they loot
What a bunch of trigger happy rogues!

Quietly take the flak and the blame
Why don’t you speak to the nation?
Statement made to explain the same
Why tell us lies, nothing but lies?
Policy speech powerful as a flame
Such a hollow forest of words it is!

Belligerent invader does dirty things
Why on earth are you just watching?
Against invader goes to war on wings
How can you cause so much bloodshed?
Thus a sweet diplomacy song sings
Oh no! Such a coward you must be!

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  1. I think peace and positive change require that due credit and criticism should be balanced.