Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Peace Dilemma

May there be peace in the world!
May everyone exercise utmost restraint
Fleeing like hell from the urge to mime
May there be no more cruel wars on earth
Conflicts deserve only to die and be buried
May peace deals always emerge victorious
To spare innocent life unwarranted suffering
And save it from a departure so premature
May bombs and destruction be only a myth
May President Diplomacy be Earth's dictator
May all blood be too precious to spill
Never as an expendable suicidal weapon
May war and murder be forever sorry losers
Trounced by universal humanity and love
May peace never ever face a red line
Blind to race and deaf to ideologies
May there be peace in the world!

But woe betide our filthy enemies!
Who dare to differ from our noble ways
Inferior are those that disagree with us
The only rational people in this world
The only true heirs of Earth here we are
Our enemies deserve no share of Earth
We won't hesitate to crush them to ash
We shall smoke them out of their hideouts
Never to spare a single one of them
May our armies swiftly eliminate them
May our bullets rain on them ceaselessly
May our bombs pulverize their dwellings
May blessings elude our enemies forever
Rest poverty and plague befall us instead
May power and wealth be ours alone
May our land and faith be eternally superior
But may peace rule over earth forever.

1 comment :

  1. Peace is surely the victim of the greatest lip service of mankind.