Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Glass is Half Full

When your attitude is positive the heart is as free
As a wild bird, not a prisoner in the cage of gloom
There is an inner light that scares away dark times
Night is rendered as bright as broad daylight
Positivity being a powerful headlight in the darkness
It shatters and disperses darkness along the road of life
Darkness is made a disarmed wasp that has lost its sting
Rendered harmless, no longer invokes dread in the heart
That is full of rays of positivity radiating from its walls
Disappointments are seen under such shining light
Such a light that exposes their hidden resourcefulness
It moves the heart to proffer hearty apologies 
For thinking them bad in a case of mistaken identity
When in fact they are means to contentment

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Is the Sky the Limit?

That which you set your eyes upon
That commands your strength and zeal
Into which without hesitation
You pour your heart in whole
That is the limit, it's beyond the sky
Not even the sky in all its might
Can stop your desire flying high

Sunday, July 15, 2018

It Begins Inside the Heart

The mansion that stands tall on the ground
Has its origins inside the heart
Where the first brick of its foundation was laid
The foundation of belief and determination
That the mansion will surely be built
And its pillars that hold its structure together
Fending off storms that try to tear it down
Were first built inside the heart
Even those walls that give the mansion its shape
And finally the roof that crowns it all
Were first built inside the heart
The real work started inside the heart