Monday, July 31, 2017

A Mountain Divided

When it was one united massive mountain
It was mighty, strong and most formidable

When unity was guarded most jealously
There was peace, power and true prosperity

Before it bowed to the most serpentine division
It was majestic, imposing and so splendorous

While great unity ruled supreme over that mountain
There was confidence, wealth and definite contentment

Till North and South, East and West started warring
Now there are only pebbles, ruins and not a mountain

There is no longer that massive united mountain
But rubbles that are prone, shaken and not mighty

Division now rules supreme leaving shattered stones
Stones that are subdued, poorer and not prosperous

Unity having been deemed second fiddle, what is left is
Scattered pieces that are chaotic, frustrated and not blissful

From a united majestic mountain so glorious and imposing
To pebbles that are isolated, clueless and not productive

1 comment :

  1. Division and warring need not be the answers to ending differences.