Sunday, April 30, 2017


Is the sky blue?
Depends on what our leading voters are saying
Are they saying the sky is blue and beautiful?
Then the sky must be all blue and wonderful
We promise to maintain that as solidly as a mountain
And we are going to even improve it with resolve

Are they saying the sky is starless and moonless?
Then the sky is absolutely black and pitch dark
And our word is that we are going to change that
We are going to bring the moon very soon
And we will go all the way to mars to get the stars
We are going to make sure the sky shines brightly

Are the voters saying it's raining?
That must be true too for now, even if the sky is blue
Even if it's dry, and not a drop of water comes from the sky
It must be raining nevertheless, raining as much as feigning
And we will promise them that we shall rein in the rain
With a whiff of a wand we will bring it under total control

Does the sun set in the west or in the east?
Wait, wait, what did the voters just suggest?
East? No matter, that is what we shall calmly proclaim
That in fact the sun sets in the East not in the West!
In this ballot quest, the voter's voice is our best bet
Where the voters point, there the sun will go and set

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