Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Journey of Life

The big enthralling mountains of hot desires craw by
Imbued with splendorous flowers of dearest moments
The massive plains of longings marked with grandeur
Move ever so slowly as the trip of life drives forward
And those bizarre heartbreaking deformities
That mark the terrains of life are in no hurry either
Into the vast space of memory all the heavy weights go
To be remembered forever deep into the future

The tall trees of everyday wishes swiftly walk by
The mounds of lofty dreams too walk past
The sign posts of happiness loftily flash along the way 
And the bridges of anger pop-up as the journey goes
The numerous grasses and shrubs of feelings run by
Having no time to waste, they rush into the past
All heading into the vast space of distant memory
Some to be remembered, most to be forever forgotten

The road flies past so fast going after my past
Made up of every tiny second of life as it rushes by
That is what we call time that never runs out of supply
From infinite source to an infinite end the road goes
And the landscape of life follows after the road too
I am the only one going forward to face the future
All else is fleeing from my future and is chasing my past
And seeking refuge in the vast space of my memory