Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Costly Freebies

We are the best because we are better than the rest
Come sign up with us, then you will enjoy a free lunch
We won't throw you into our economic penitentiary
Save your weary pockets from monetary worries
We won't come knocking on your pockets' doors
You can see through us, free of any hidden strings

Only that we will need a few details about you
Your name is required, that we may say, "Hi John"
Your location is required, to let us localize you
Your email is required, for those cute newsletters
Your phone is required, in case anything happens
See, just that much is all, now you can sit back and enjoy

Here are some cool adverts to spice up your experience
Check out these best buys we went looking for you
Before you can see anything here, have a look at those
Click on this graceful pop-up if you want our services
In fact, the real deal is nothing but this lovely advert
Our whole wish is really that you click on this pop-up

This is only a limited version, only a tidbit of our cake
To give you the whole package, pay us some cool bucks
And then we will also remove all those peeping adverts
We will sweep the site clean and give you the real stuff
We will polish everything to the smoothness of a dollar
Therefore, Dear Client, do sign up for our refined pro-version

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