Sunday, August 14, 2016

Constitution Dethroned

Elevated to the very top with pomp
Yet trampled under mighty indignity
A high ruler of the supreme order
Yet pushed aside in a third term bid
The rule of the law nobly unbreakable
Yet broken as always as scrambled eggs
The voice of democracy not autocracy
Yet in broad daylight ignored and slighted
A most sacred piece of superior paper
Yet defiled as often as any wiper paper
Praised only in parodies and in melodies
Such dishonor brought on me by my wild child
My own protégé so injurious and rebellious
Biting a finger that fed him to his dream

What a mockery, as dark as treachery
In your infancy I was your loving mother
I fed you power that you beat the beast
With my wings you were covered and protected
From tyrannous laws so dubious and dangerous
Till by the just ballot you won the carrot
It was I who put you in that tower of power
And you vowed to be just and to banish lust
But now power hungry and too greedy
My throne you have usurped and ripped apart
A puppet not a master is of late my fate
I am violated as often as your lies try to be true
For all my labor such is the repayment I get
You are a child most ungrateful and hurtful

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