Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Paradox of Humankind

A kind infinitely caring and kindhearted the humans are
Their lovely homes, their comfort, they readily abandon
And go to distant places to feed abandoned strangers
To cloth them and steal away their miseries and tears
To replace their sorrows with embraces of affection
Moved to care only by the springs of love and kindness
Into the most hostile places thus fearlessly venture
Armed with not the murderous guns and bombs
But pure wondrous love and kindness they carry
To nurse the wounded and to heal the broken lives
And the ultimate price so willingly paid by their hearts
In their fiery zeal to save another life the taste of agony

A kind infinitely evil and so heartless the humans are
Murder is a mere pastime to be enjoyed by this kind
In honor of ideologies is another innocent life slain
Over a matter so trivial blood is spilt and sent to a grave
Such unforgiving and murderously vengeful a mortal
Unleashes deadly destruction to simply sooth an ego
Totally blinded by selfishness that is without bound
Thus the dark eyes see none else but the prideful self
And such ears so trained to be deaf to compassion
With such matchless greediness that sense confounds  
As to spend all the passing hours of the precious life
Scheming the robbery of dears and joys of other souls

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