Saturday, July 15, 2017

A New Day

Dawn has come with a brand new day
The newest day just broke out that is today
A day fresh from the box in a way
With such vigor the horizon is split asunder
And here, here comes the happy sun, oh dear
Eager to get started blessing the world with light
And to everyone an equal measure of time

The sun is out to give everyone another day
It is a gift that without discrimination is given
Without being picky the sunlight rushes all out
Carrying numerous rays of new opportunities
The light comes to find the poor on their door
Equally it emphatically knocks on the door of the rich
For them to either embrace it or throw it down the drain

With this day will some use their talents well
And make sure to set their priorities right
And strive to give their lives a worthy meaning
Every hour having been well spent and appreciated
While others will let their talents go to regrettable waste
Neglecting the things that matter to their priceless lives
Lives that await to be given a worthy meaning and purpose

Decisions will be made by some individuals on this day
Such responsible decisions as will bless the world
And make it a happy and better place for everyone
Yet others will make their own decisions on this day
Such decisions that will plunge it into deep misery
Decisions that will feed the monsters that hurt the world
Making it such a bad repayment for a day well given

Here indeed is the very morning of yet another day
That gives a second chance to everyone who lives
To use the errors of yesterday as clues to solutions
To pick up the broken pieces and build a stately castle
To pick the stumbling blocks that made you fall over
And turn them into stepping stones that lead to the top
To bid farewell to the past and bid welcome to the future

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