Friday, June 30, 2017

The Deception of Speeding

With the runaway zeal to beat time lies the goal periled
This flying time is invisible to blows, making beating it an exercise in futility
While you are rushing in the hope of winning against time
Time flies at once on its swift wings to ambush you at the finish line
By speeding after impossible time the true goal lies martyred
By unchecked haste the very true intentions are thus cast contrary
By this speed untamed so is the whole noble purpose defeated
By this uncontrolled rushing is the whole plan of arriving derailed
While the eager eyes are set on the goal and nothing but the goal
And the actual path to the goal is cast aside, forgotten and neglected
By alluring speed the mind is intoxicated and relegated to the sidelines
The illusion of the prize is what speed waves in the face of impatience
The very armies of adversity lying siege to the goals by speed are ignored
The weighty matter of reaching the goal is cast to the uncertain chance
The road to the destination is as good as omitted from the whole equation

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  1. It's not unwise to practice prudence in journey of life