Thursday, June 15, 2017


Here stands a grand and mighty tree, straight and tall and free
As tall as to reach the roof of the sky, dwarfing me like a fly 
Such a true colossus, as wide and round as a giant mound
Its elegant foliage is as richly green with life as ever been
Its powerful roots are on hand, colonizing the depths of the land
Holding it firmly on its feet and sending all its foes in fright  
Standing thus as tall and proudly it mocks storms of all forms
And hanging around it is a beautiful air of majesty like royalty  
This air of grandeur captivates everyone to be found around
This charming presence pulls and enchants the eyeballs 
Pleasantly creepy is the sight as the eyes rise to its canopy
And like a true wonderment it excites the nerves wondrously
But this tree that here stands was once only a seed in my hand
It was such a little tender thing that needed delicate nursing
Its awe inspiring poise was only an imagination in my mind
And this grand idea, with a religious zeal I embraced for real
Now and then gallantly brawled about with the nagging doubts
Over and over wrangled with stubborn failure in the dirty mire
Stumbling and falling into a drain and standing up straight again
Never ever giving up, never returning, never surrendering
All along closely watching the seed germinating into a seedling
Till this day when that same tiny seedling is now a giant tree

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  1. Great things originate from imagination, use your imagination wisely.