Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Power Problem

As it increases unchecked, power becomes monstrous
Like a balloon being carelessly and dangerously inflated
Every praise, every worshiping that is accorded to it
Is like air being brown over and over into the balloon
The confidence overgrows to become an inflated ego
The senses steal away bit by bit with each expansion
The puffed mind thus says to itself, "I am superhuman!"
And makes the mistake of equaling itself to the omnipotent
It looks at others around it and belittles them all
Forgetting that they help prop it up all the while
With impunity it abuses the defenseless subjects
Saying thus, "I can do whatever I want to you."
In the air hangs that illusion of being untouchable
Mere self-deceit that one is impervious to consequences
All the while this balloon of power edges toward its limit
And like any true balloon when over-inflated it bursts
Becoming a deflated rag that is a shadow of its former self

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