Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Cake My Cake

Oh my cake, nibbled, and left in such dereliction?
Standing in ruins, a derelict castle in desolation
Carelessly scratched, defaced and left depleted
With barbarity vandalized, hacked and ransacked
The glory is all gone and now left impoverished 
In desperate tatters like a soul that is malnourished
Like one dropped from the sky without a parachute
What, by a rat, my cake forever rendered destitute?
To a life among garbage and refuse by a rat banished
By this my appetite murdered and unfairly punished
Cowardly rat stubbing me in the back as I slumbered
Rat, by this crime your days are surely numbered

Why like a lame duck moan and shed tears
As the hours become days and days years  
When I am as strong as a lion as fit as a fiddle
Skilled as well as a top baker as smart as a riddle
Blaming everything on the rat as busily as a bee
Toiling in finger pointing as though fingers see
Neither scapegoats nor tears can make a cake
None of them can bring back my long lost cake
And none will ever pay the debt so owed to time
Stressing yourself in this manner is surely a crime
Just wake up and get the hands dirty in the bakery
And learn from the past neglects and the mockery

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