Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Time Will Catch Up With You Too

In the days when I was young and green in years
My knees melted before the awesome elderly
For their presence radiated awe an honor
As strong as the rays of the bright summer sun
My whole body surely trembled before them
They whose eyes had seen numerous years
In great reverence I surely held my old folks
Their priceless utterances I held in great esteem
Like timeless rocks their words held for ages
Counsel that was a boundless ocean of wisdom
That filled me with great relief, pride and pleasure
Their intelligent sharp stares shrunk me in my place
They who paved the way for my generation
They who raised men and women from babies
And prepared the land with milk and honey
Admiration was what I kept in store for them
That was when I was a young man, years past

The ever true time has finally caught up with me
Today I am an old man of many, many years
I walk not without the support of a reliable stick
My beloved eyes are now a fast fading glow
My ears have long lost their zeal for any sound
My memory is as tricky as the rains of today
But it is not love and gratitude that I ever get now
It is not honor and admiration that I am accorded
A dirty wizard is what I am in the eyes of today
To deliver invective is why they come to see me
The subject of contempt is what I am in those eyes
All because it's my legitimate time to be an old man
Just as theirs will come too, for time is always true
Reverse gear is unknown to the ever perfect time
The good old time never retreats, never rescinds
Without fail it will catch up with every soul alive
Just as it has caught up with me and my peers in age

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  1. This can happen to anyone, respect and love are important things everywhere in the world.