Tuesday, February 28, 2017


The beginning, the very beginning, is like a dark crossroad
It's in the middle of a pitch dark night in an alien territory
You are looking for the only true path to golden treasures
But into the night all the paths vanish playing hide and sick
They meander into darkness hurrying into invisible realms
Like treacherous venomous snakes scheming and plotting
Sign posts are as corrupt as politicians during campaign
The future is as void in the eyes as the hostile darkness
Foggy uncertainty and fear are the ever present companions
But you must find a map to lead you to that elusive goal
A compass that always knows the direction of North
All that is buried somewhere in the derisive darkness
Yet your eyes can't see a thing beyond your very nose
For there is such a forbidding darkness as thick as eternity
So dark on a moonless night which even the stars avoid
But you must find your way through this very darkness
And get hold of the map to the doorsteps of success

Eyes see nothing in darkness but the heart does see
The heart sees hope and meaning in the effort
You keep on searching regardless of the void darkness
You refuse to give up, you persist and persist still
And the eyes get sharper against the darkness
Over time the eyes learn the secrets of the darkness
And the darkness begins to clear away in flight
Outlines of shapes of discoveries become visible
And as the steadfast heart redoubles the zealous effort
The leads to the breakthrough become even clearer 
Your resolve becomes bolder and your conviction stronger
What was a complex dark mystery finally fades away
When your studious eyes find a torch on the ground
With surprised relief the hands switch on the powerful light  
And that light readily exposes the much sought piece of map
The darkness gone and the true path finally found
What remains then is to unlock the door of treasures

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