Monday, November 14, 2016

Infectious Spring

Welcome to a breakout of infectious spring 
Crawling with beauty that is highly infectious
The sky is blue and clear and good a friend
The happy air is inflated with beauteous awe
That will shoot into the depths of every cell
Filling the whole of you with a blissful thrill
This tender beauty, irresistible and enthralling
Vanquishes the white cells and wins you over

This is the very heart of infectious spring
The trees are donning the newest Leaves
Brand new leaves fresh from the shops of heavens
Shiny green leaves polished to reflect beauty
Red, yellow or pink leaves most enchanting
As to infect you with a malady called excitement
That deletes all the stress from the mind disk
But infects it with elation and wonderment

All over this expanse is the infectious spring
The flowers, like the elegant joyful bridal party
Are dressed in the most colorful apparel
As if posing for the cameras, the petals are beaming
And out of those smiling lilies, tulips and roses
Come the charming radiations that touch the heart
And infuse in you the most delightful sensation
Thus undoing all the nuts and bolts of discomfort

Whoever comes into this infectious spring
Is infected with this wondrous springy beauty
The face is transformed into a beautiful appreciation
The contented eyes are wide with happy elation
The mouth and the lips are all spreading into smiles
The spirits in the heart are all savoring the splendor
And like wild rivers or excited children, the blood
Is wildly and jovially running all over the veins

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