Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Tearful Complaint

Always I am thus cast in a bad treasonous light
A son of the darkness, says the slanderous lot
A harbinger of sadness, thus lies the crowd
A friend of the deathly grave, so says the world

I venture out of the eyes and down the cheeks
And the ever vindictive finger points to sorrow
That the heavy heart is emptying painful pain
The self appointed judges pass a guilty verdict

When you get tickled by unbearable laughter
Do I not happily descend down your cheeks?
When joy unfathomable vanquish your hearts
Do I not burst out, all merry and hilarious?

I was in your eyes when victory surprised you
The time you expected hell but found heaven
When the scarce love filled your heart to the brim
And your wits found no words to express the joy

Justice, oh come justice, come on my just side
With your power, that like air is unrestrained
Reach me and free me from a biased world
That sees not that I am as cheery as I am dark

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