Monday, May 30, 2016

Art Thou Brave? Thou Liest!

A brave heart not even the grave can enslave
Steady as a fountain, mighty as a mountain
As angry as a lemon as stubborn as a demon
And raging thunder is such a friend of wonder
Hero is the word written on my bold forehead
I got legs of steel that will hold my ground still
Never a thought that feels of taking to heels
But ready to challenge a lion to a riddle of judo
And my fiery eye boring into the beast cheery
What then is this queer animal you call fear
Oh, cowards! Bound by fear from going forward

Oh, lying heart, pompous and falsely zealous
A little rat swept over your feet in swift flight
And you sprang up, jumping as high as the sky
And let out mighty a yelp as frightful as pitiful
The little bee hovered and buzzed overhead
Under the cover of the table you dived and hid
There under chairs said your humblest prayers
That the little bee may please stray far away
To please leave your now prone peace alone
Bound and much wounded pride lay grounded
As pathetic and shaken as a drenched chicken

1 comment :

  1. Everyone of us has his/her fears, some are just better at hiding theirs..