Saturday, December 12, 2015

From a Baby to a Man

You were once a baby and your mom held you in her hands
A helpless tiny human being, she held you in her hands
You did nothing but bawl or serenely slumber in her hands
A little cute thing in her tender hands she cuddled you

Then you were a toddler and your dad polished you with his hands
Then you became a boy and the school teacher taught you with her hands
You then grew up to be a teen and the whole world moved you with its hands
From hand to hand waded in the murky chaos of realities of life

Finally you are a man and your wife is holding your baby in her hands
As time flies there will be no baby but boy, then teen, then man
Then he will have his wife who will hold their baby in her hands
Then the baby, this very baby, will be a boy, a teen and finally a man.

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