Monday, May 15, 2017


Like a politician vying for a seat too hot to miss
Procrastination stands on hill tops with malice
Starts mudslinging today and elevating tomorrow
Says procrastination, cunningly yet too narrow:
Today has issues, in fact today always falls short
Today can't do it, in fact today will never work
That is simply because today is an impossible day
In fact today has always been an impossible day

Then he launches into counterfeit praising
In honor and reverence of tomorrow, saying:
Tomorrow is surely the very best, I promise you
Everything will calmly fall in place nice and new
For tomorrow will be such a complete package
Without the limitations that put today in bondage
Tomorrow will have all the blessings wanted by today
Do nothing till the glorious tomorrow comes to stay

As this fellow procrastination lazily gibbers away
Like a true snake, the wily time quietly slithers away
Into the grass of the day's confusion it disappears
And today remains today forever all the years
And the wait for tomorrow never comes to rest
But procrastination insists that tomorrow is best
That there is time and there is plenty of time
But time moves on and nothing ever gets done

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