Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Anticipation and Reality

Seeing that I trained so hard for the rugged mountain
Been up and down the stony rough slops
And readily look forward to wrestling with a mountain
Reality brings not a mountain when the real moment comes
She brings me a rough river to cross instead

Seeing I am looking forward to a rainy day
Been busy readying the umbrella and rain coat
And readily look forward to facing the mighty rain
Reality brings not a downpour on the land
She brings a nice day that mocks all my fussing around

Seeing I am thus bracing for a cold reception
Imagining the worst and dreading everything to come
And thinking myself unprepared for the battle
Reality brings not the nightmare in my dreams
She brings a warm welcome that shames my empty fears

1 comment :

  1. Reality has a way of making a mockery of anticipation