Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Aroma from the Kitchen

She is making the trip from the kitchen where she lives
Her soft body is working out a host of seductive moves
Like a serpent bending and twisting her round curves 
With the grace of a super model her whole form flows
Cunningly she is coming forward across all the corridors
She's sneaking sleekly past the cracks, doors, or windows
Until she finally arrives on the pleasantly surprised nose
And with a wholesome hug she greets the elated nose
Then up the nostrils she proceeds her charming motion
The nostrils are enjoying the most delicious sensation
For these monumental kisses are her way of conversation
So intense and real as a meal down every path of digestion
She goes announcing the delightful news of a cooking so tasty
And the tongue finding her irresistible is so excited and so lusty
That it is as well as having the meal already yet for still more thirsty

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