Monday, March 14, 2016

The Fat Mosquito

She comes into my net as thin as her own legs
With ease she passes through the big net-holes
In the invisible darkness she launches the assault
Sucking my blood voraciously in my deep slumber
Ceaselessly she inflates herself to total roundness
Until day is near and off she attempts to take flight
Alas! Too big and too fat and too round she now is
She can't squeeze herself past the small net-holes
How treacherous, how deceitful the mosquito net!
She rails and rails at the indifferent mosquito net
And she is too heavy for herself to fly with swift
Too slow for my vengeful and unforgiving hands
How treacherous the desires of the earthly fresh!
Thus she mourns and mourns her impending demise


  1. The hunter does often become the hunted ...

  2. When the hunted animal hunts the hunter, the hunting game is no more.