Monday, February 15, 2016

A Strange Life

Oh hurry and be quick dawdling everything
Like a busy storm forever gathering pace
Like a furious rocket tearing deep into space
Why make each tiny inch an endless mile?
Like a chameleon counting every useless tile?

Oh hurry and be quick pretentious timing clock
Like a predator wildly chasing a prize to dine
Like a racer speeding to smash a finish line
Why make each second a drawn out hour?
That demands every bit of my waiting power?

Oh slow down and go easy hash everything
Like a nice breeze feeding my precious delights
Like a stroll on cloud nine seeing glorious sights
But alas! the honeymoon passes in record time
And cuts short the delicious joys in their prime

Oh slow down and go easy hasty timing clock
Like a tortoise that is always patient and true
Like the graceful moon never impatient as you
How mean of you to tick too fast suddenly!
Drawing the dreaded deadline so brazenly!

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