Thursday, December 31, 2015

Fear Must Die!

An empty yet tightly crammed head 
In a cold world, too hot a head
Dark visions creeping into mind
Imagining and conceiving the worst
Contriving , anticipating deathly terror
Eliminating and extinguishing all hope

A hard dissolving helpless heart
Evaporating out of your grasp
A cruel runaway beat rate 
A  heart sinking deep down
Retreating, recoiling too early 
Surrendering much needed power 

In a corner poor rungs huddle
Held hostage by threatening fear
Laboriously trudge about with the air
In the face of a mocking smug fear
Squeezing and chocking in self bondage
Made helpless to face the danger

Solid yet melting, crumpling bones
Wobbly and weak unhelpful joints 
A body chilled and deeply shaken 
From deep inside the core
In fright, defenseless and prone 
Useless to face the real trouble

Preempting defeat is fear's role
In the corner of the mind at work
Deep in the heart buried and scheming
A distraction from real battle at hand
An ally of the real danger at hand
A coup by the treasonous self